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Thread: Share you puppy(or rescue dog) pictures and stories!!

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    DefaultShare you puppy(or rescue dog) pictures and stories!!

    So someone brought up on my other thread about making a puppy thread for people to share there pictures. I am adding in stories(maybe funny,sad ect..) that you want to share. Maybe to help out future puppy owners and see what they are getting into. I also feel like rescues are forgot sometimes(some do change quit a lot) and there stories and ruff spots and how the dog is now ect..

    I will go first.
    Tank: I dont have a good picture but long story short I have a not so nice cousin. Tank was kept in a basement, under weight, and banged up. He had been hit by a truck the day before and was nasty looking. He came with TONS of issues and at 2 years old, they were engraved into him.He was scared of everything, and I mean everything. A lantern, fire, louds trucks, men,lots of people ect.. The only things he was not really afraid of were quit kids,women and food. I quickly gained his trust(did my homework by him and gave him food). He became my best friend and still is. I did NILF and just started out like I was training a 8 week old pup(which is hard since I was 11 at the time). After 2 years he trusted more men, could go camping and enjoy it. It took another year to get him to not try and bite my uncles when they would come over.He also had DA and now he tolerates most dogs but some he will react too. Usually in-tact male dogs. Now about 6/7 years later he loves life and just about everyone. Well except one of my uncles. He either has to be kenneled or muzzled when he comes over(which he is usually kenneled) because he will just go after him. Now matter how much training ect.. he just can NOT stand him at all! He is a love bug and a fart machine. he follows me EVERYWHERE he is always right there and hates me being out of his site.
    Here is a picture from today. You could see every bone when I got him. I think he looks a lot better,well if we could remove the grey hairs :-) He was watching my brother and neighbors having a snowball fight.

    Bentley- Here is his petfinder picture and yes he is full of himself still! Petfinder Adopted Dog | Yellow Labrador Retriever | Shelbyville, IL

    His description fits him,lol. He is difficult to train at times, because he is stubborn. He is scared of new people and things. Has a slight DA issue with dogs that rush towards him or sniff his penis(long story short a dog about bit it off before). But easy to live with! He is a crazy and just a normal 3 year old lab outside.But inside he is generally laid back and likes his sleep! He can get crazies though and drive me nuts!!! I'm in 4-H with him and he proves rescues are good at Obedience because we placed 2nd last year!! We lost our 1st place because when the judge came near him he backed away and would not let her touch him. I will have the same problem this year I feel but we are going to try!!!

    Here he is now,I think he filled out nicely and changed in appearance!!!
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    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    Your handsome boys are lucky to have found you

    Friends of ours called one weekend several months after I had lost my little Annie saying they found a stray pup could we keep him for the weekend. Bailey was only supposed to stay for one night. He was so good that first week we had to wait to see if his owner could be found. Bailey turned into our wild child as soon as we told him he was home and never leaving. He is a goofy loveable pup we lovingly refer to him as baby Huey chewed everything in his path even when he was lying down he found a wall, piece of furniture etc to chew on. Even the friends that found him said he could come and play but couldn't stay. We had a terrible time finding play dates for him or anyone that would watch him for that matter. He pressed our buttons and stomped on that last nerve several times over the years but we couldn't be more pleased with this sweet boy, after all if it wasn't for Bailey we would have never found and adopted our Coleman. Bailey is a smart guy he loves to play and learn new things, not a mean bone in that fuzzy body of his just a big kid at heart.

    Tootsie our little chocolate girl is a puppy mill survivor, she was found on the side of a road taken to the shelter then rescue was called. Her foster homes spent time with her helping her along the way learning life is good and not every human is bad. She had her first puppyhood in rescue at the age of 3yrs chewing up remotes, papers etc and hasn't looked back she is still at the age of 13 yrs a puppy at heart. To this day if you leave a paper down where she can get it Tootsie will shred it in no time at all or if you leave a box down Tootsie is chewing on the corners. She is a mommy's girl and loves to snuggle with me on the couch or in bed. Tootsie has helped with the fosters we had and with the new babies that came into the family she is the teacher of basic manners when lessons are over she loves to play, stalking her siblings into a game of chase. She is happy playing or just rolling in the grass, dirt or snow, she loves the water and will splash around in the kiddy pool or swim in the creek.

    Sarah our black lab is the product of a back yard breeder given to us at 8 wks of age. She is sweet and gentle very smart loves to play with her siblings or just sit and watch the world go by. Loves car rides and new adventures will always put a smile on her pretty face. Sarah can be shy around some people she will wag her tail and approach but just out of reach for them to touch her, if they are around long enough she will get up enough nerve to lean into them for an ear rub. She is a talker too loves to talk talk talk she can get a real high pitch almost a squeal when playing then it turns into a deep bark when she talks, scares some people.

    Ginger is our little boston came to us in December her owners had been keeping her outside. When a coworker found out that I rescued she asked if I wanted her, at the time Coleman was still with us, cancer taking its toll on him I didn't really want to bring another dog into the family. Then I did a little research on boston terriers I knew I had to take her, if nothing else then to get her out of the cold. She was only supposed to stay until we could get her utd on shots, spayed and her eye injury looked at then she was off to my Aunts. Ginger had other ideas and came into heat less then a week after we took her in so she had to stay with us a little longer then we planed. When Coleman lost his battle to cancer two months after Ginger came to live with us it just didn't seem right letting Ginger go she was already part of the family. She used to be afraid of car rides and now loves them along with the rest of the crew. You would never know she used to live outside because she doesn't want to go out when it rains or when it gets cold. She loves to chew on Sarah or a chew toy which ever is closer to her. She will tag Tootsie on the bum then take off running to get a game of chase going with her if that doesn't work she will grab her tail and pull doing the same thing to Sarah to get them up and playing with her. I guess because Ginger doesn't have a tail her sisters are fair game.
    Coleman - CGC blk lab 6/02/97-2/25/08 adopted
    Tootsie - choc lab 10/19/99-8/03/13 adopted
    Bailey - CGC newf/fc 7/12/00-07/15/14 rescued
    Ginger - BT 11/16/05 rescued
    Sarah - blk lab 6/22/06 rescued
    rescued felines - AJ - 8/00 - 1/11, Merlin - 5/20/05, Tucker - 8/3/10, Penny - 7/7/13

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    We got Joe at 8 weeks from some friends, nice people but BYBers, altho they did go above what most do, and this was before I knew what I know now, however, I wouldn't change a thing except Joe's problems. He probably would have be PTS, but then we wouldn't have known this unconditonal love and the true Lab spirit. He makes me laugh just about every day, such personality! We all have learned together. Joe's 7 1/2.

    Java is our rescue girl, when DH went to look at her, she looked like a Chow, I don't think this girl had ever been brushed. The shelter got the alternate owner to release her early (long story), we took Joe to meet her, they wagged tails, sniffed each other, and off we went. We're pretty sure Java was abused, she was very timid and was scared of a man using a broom, picking up a flashlight, voices raised like laughing, she'd go find the farthest place she could and cower. I did a lot of reading about how to help her overcome her problems and I was also able to talk with a very knowledgeable dog person who gave me some great ideas and they worked. Java seems like she's a happy girl now, she'll be 9 on April 5 and has been with us almost 4 years.

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    Shadow’s Gift

    2002 was a strange year for us. Both Bill and I had gotten laid off, and we got married on October 31. Luckily, the wedding (in Las Vegas) had been paid for before the layoffs.

    The holidays came and we were a bit depressed at still being out of work, but trying to overcome it. Bill’s youngest daughter, her husband, and their three little girls were coming up from Toledo for Christmas, and we were looking forward to the visit. Then on Christmas Eve there was a blizzard, and the kids could not make the trip. We spent Christmas day alone, which added to our depression.

    The day after Christmas the snow had stopped, the sun came out, and we decided to get the driveway cleared. Bill opened the garage to get the shovels and snow blower and I trudged out through the drifts to the mailbox to put a letter in it.

    We lived in a very tiny town out in the country, on a short, dead-end road with only 12 houses on it. No one had been down the road since the snow stopped; it was pristine, sparkling white. As I turned around to head back to the house, I saw a black blotch in the road that had not been there a moment before. It was a puppy! I watched it for a minute, and it stood there watching me. I smiled and called, “Hey you, are you lost?”

    Instantly, there was a furry black body tearing towards me at top speed. It was a female black Labrador Retriever pup, about 5 or 6 months old, with a camouflage print collar on. She was in wonderful condition, so I knew she had to be someone’s pet, and lost. I petted her and loved her for a minute, while she grinned and did the full-body wag, then I told her to “Go home!” and turned back to the house. She followed me, and introduced herself to Bill. Again, the full-body wag while he petted her.

    This was the friendliest puppy we had ever met, all she wanted was love and attention. We kept trying to tell her to go home, but she was not about to leave. I tied a thin rope to the ring on her collar and went to every house on the road, asking if she belonged to anyone. No one had ever seen her before. I tried following her tracks in the deep snow, but it was impossible.

    We had some errands to run, so we left her out in the front yard and took off. She followed us for a few feet down the road, then stopped. Bill and I figured she would go home. When we got back, sure enough, she was gone. We discovered that she had found a loaf of bread that was on a shelf in the garage, and ate every bit of it. We laughed about that, and said she must have been a hungry puppy (little did we know then that most Labs are always hungry!).

    Shortly after dark, the doorbell rang. It was the owner of the gas station on the corner, and he had the puppy with him. He asked if she belonged to us, because someone said they had seen me with her. We told him what had happened that morning and that we thought she had gone home. He said she had been in the road at the intersection and he was afraid she was going to get hit by a car, and would we take her in? He had two big German Shepherds and was afraid they would hurt her. We could not turn her away. I made a quick trip to the nearest store and bought a small bag of kibble so we had something to feed her. We took some pictures of her to put on posters and the next day took her to the nearest vet to see if she had a microchip. She didn’t. We put the posters up in the area and waited for someone to claim her. No one ever called.

    Of course, after only a day of having her around, we were already in love with her! This sweet, gentle, loving puppy was so good, already housebroken, and even seemed to have been trained to leave the kitchen and lay down while we ate!

    We tried many names with her, to see if she would respond to any, but she didn’t. We were going to call her Molly, but this pup had her own ideas. No matter where I went, she was right there beside or behind me. Bill said that she was my shadow, so Shadow she became.

    That beautiful, loving, loyal pup rescued us and introduced us to the wonderful world of Labrador Retrievers. We were depressed and sad and she came into our lives and brought the gifts of love and laughter. We used to say that she was a comedienne in a fur coat. She never met anyone she didn’t love, and everyone who ever met her loved her, even the ‘non-dog people.’ Shadow greeted everyone at the door with one of her toys in her mouth and the full-body wag. She rarely wagged just her tail.

    Bill later got a job traveling, and was gone for two to four weeks at a time. Shadow became my constant companion and my traveling buddy; the only time we were apart was when I was at work. She went everywhere with me. She was my heart dog.

    Shadow brightened our lives for five years and four months, until she left us on April 22, 2007. We found that she had a mass in her body and her spleen had ruptured. She survived surgery but went into shock a couple of days later, and I had to let the vet help her cross the Rainbow Bridge. We still miss our sweet baby girl.
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    Well I am a new parent, or will be in two days. I haven't had a dog since I was 20, currently 40+, and I won't get too into it, but my Mom had Cleo put down while I was at work one day, without telling me. Poor Cleo had congestive heart my Mom has congestive heart failure...should I have her put down? Can you see I'm still bitter about it? I would have liked to say good by or would have taken the dog to be put down myself. Anyhow the time has come for me to have a new puppy, I have done tons of reading, watching and have everything all set up for Siren. I just hope I don't screw anything up with his training.

    And I know this is a puppy rescue post, but I need to share the story of my Bellatrix. I had a black cat, Butch, who was amazing, very loveable. Sadly he had to be put down when his brain tumor got too bad and he couldn't function anymore. I was devestated to loose him. Two years later my hubby was trying to help a friend who's dad had died and arranged for him to get a cat. The girl who works at the local Animal Rescue lives across the street and let us keep the kitten at our house. Big mistake becuase I fell in love. She was a black cat as well and resembled my Butch and had a great personality. Hubby's friend didn't want the cat, but I just couldn't let her go back and to the shelter. I literally cried the day he tried to take her back. 7 years later and she is my best buddy. It will be curious to see how she does with our newest addition.

    I love all the amazing stories of you guys adopting troubled pups. I know they must take a lot of work, but I'm sure the love you get back is well worth it.

    Here is my new baby and my bestie Bellatrix

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    Oh Jackie I didn't know about Shadow

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    There have been many. The most current is a pit mix that was dumped last July in our area, we have many dumped dogs in the country. This was around the time the weather had been extremely hot, temps in triple digits for a week. I saw him for two days and in that time I did stop and feed him and gave him water. The poor dog was covered in ticks.

    Long story short he is now living in our house

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    I'm loving these stories!

    When I was younger, I had back surgery. Not to sound overly dramatic but while hearing the list of possible complications my parents decided to buy me a puppy. The way my mom put it later was she would regret it if something ever happened to me because it is what I wanted most.

    To make a long story short we picked a Cocker Spaniel because they had had them in the past. We found a 'breeder' who had a litter, but the litter was all spoken for. The breeder offered us a 3 year old female. My mom declined saying we wanted a puppy. The breeder went on to say the dog was no longer able to conceive so she was planning on having her put down.

    My parents reaction was 'WHAT?!' So we went to see her and I fell in love with her. She immediately latched onto me and followed me everywhere. It became clear pretty early on she had to have had some sort of abuse because she ducked if you went to pet her too fast, if you crinkled a paper she cried and would run, etc.

    I had 8 years with her before I noticed a mass on her side. It was a tumor on her spleen. A week later I had to bring her in because she looked at me and I just knew it was her time. She couldn't follow me around anymore and she cried. It was hard, but I'm so glad for those years with her. Her name was Shelly. I have tons of pictures, I'll need to see if I can find some...

    Jaxx - 12/5/12
    Missy - 12/29/12

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    I guess you could call Forrest a rescue:

    I lived on my friend's farm in Washington, PA before we moved to Texas. One snowy January, their Lab Sage disappeared- we never found him. She had put out flyers and ads all over. We got many calls, but none were Sage. My friend's hubby and I went out to check one, and it was a male and female. Both black Labs. Not Sage. The lady stated that someone had driven up their driveway, shoved the two dogs out and drove away. She couldn't keep them. So then, Hubby goes, "We'll take them". I looked at him and said, "She's pregnant!" He was like, how can you tell? Um, the hanging titties are a big sign, you know...but we took them anyway.

    Fast forward three weeks. I tell my friend if there is a chocolate puppy, I want it. She's like, OK. Maxie goes into labor and has eight puppies - seven blacks and one chocolate. It was destined...

    Of course, earlier, she had stated that we'd name the first male "Forrest"....and he was the first male born. I kept it, I liked it. (Orginally he was to be named "Cody". Forrest fit so much better!)

    Finn I found on Petfinder shortly after Forrest passed away. He was on the euth list....I blasted out of work early and drove up there to get him. His brothers and sisters were rescued, too- thank Heaven!!
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Home of:

    Forrest CGC- Lab 2001-2011
    Poopy-Toby-JRT 2004-
    Finn- Lab/Aussie- 2011-
    And 30-some Miniature Horses...

    He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his leader, his love. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. Unknown

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    Flynn was a rescue from our Lab Rescue in Tulsa. I was to foster him for a weekend. Right.

    I brought him home after a dream ride in the car of about 20 minutes. For the remainder of his life, Flynn was my dream rider. SO well behaved and comfortable, no hi-jinx. He just hung out in the back of the PaddyWagon, occasionally rising to look out a window.

    I digress.

    When we got home that day, we walked up to the front porch. One of my old cats was sitting happily by the front door. Cat sees Flynn, cat doesn't care. He's grown up with Paddy. But I don't know what Flynn is going to do. We neared the cat who was posed like a ceramic figurine. Cat regarded Flynn, Flynn stood there regarding cat, then gently lowered his head and licked the top of cat's head.

    It was at that very moment in time I knew he would be staying. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

    Seamus and Flynn

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