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    DefaultWolf in Lab clothing

    It was about a quarter to seven this morning as I layed in bed asleep. My faithful dog asleep on the floor right next to the bed about a foot below me. I was suddenly woken up by this creature resembling my dog yelling out a very long, drawn out, howl like a wolf pack member reporting in. By the time I punched through the ceiling and had a firm grip on the rafters I saw her laying next to the bed twitching feverishly in her dream state, yelping, crying, barking, snorting, and in general sounding like the second coming of Cujo. She had never done anything like that before, she is active during her dreams, but never before to that extent. I must admit I was honestly scared to wake her, or shock her in any way in fear of a negative reaction to being waken. After I climbed down and realized I needed to shower and change my shorts, I just watched her fade back into a blissful sleeping pattern. I sure am glad she was sleeping on the floor and not right next to me in bed. Those were some seriously primal noises coming out of my loving dog in those few seconds. I have heard of dogs waking their owners in the mornings before, but I did not know there was an 'outback' version of the alarm clock available. Good grief !!
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    LOL! My boy Bob, who passed away in 2001, used to do the exact same thing. The first time we heard it he was lying at our feet as we watched TV. I know exactly what you mean! We laughed, but I can tell you I'm kinda glad I wasn't alone when it happened. Would have freaked me out! Hahahaha!
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    Erns and Tess make some loud primal howling in their sleep. Does give you a fright. I put my hand on them and it settles them if their whole body looks like they are running away from something in fear.

    I wonder what they are dreaming about and is it fear, or happiness?

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    Seamus runs in his sleep. I mean, the boy is RUNNING! As in "Chariots of Fire" running.
    I just move a bit further to the other side of the bed.

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    I have never heard a dog howl in their sleep, that would seriously freak me out! Maxx just snores, very loudly. Emma sometimes whines and whimpers in her sleep. Just petting her very softly stops it right away. I have always thought she was having a bad dream but who really knows? (She just sounds very sad or scared.) I am not sure what she could even dream about that would be sad or scary other than leaving her alone.
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    Every so often, mine have howling dreams too. I like the tail-wagging dreams better.

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    Mine will howl occasionally. Therecwas a you-tube showing a dog that started out running un his sleep, and ended up getting up/waking up and running into a wall I think. Kind of funny!

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