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    DefaultTPLO Surgery

    Just picked up our lab from TPLO surgery today. They wanted her in a crate however after 4 hours she is in a expen . She is resting please send support and what helped you through the 8 weeks. I just can't see her in that small of a crate for 8 weeks. She has some drainage from being transported and has not started licking yet but has a E collar just in case.
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    I put mine in an ex-pen with a dog bed and water bucket in there. I put his chew toy in there too. He was quite happy to be in there with enough room to move around a bit, but not enough where he got into trouble. Watch her. They are sneaky lickers. I left the puffy collar off him for 15 minutes once and he licked out one of his staples. After that, I made him where the puffy collar 24/7 until the incision completely healed.


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    Tess had it 4 months ago. I thought I would have a huge problem with Tess as she wasn't crate trained. the first 2 weeks she was sore and didn't mind the crate and by the time she felt better was ok about being confined. It went more quickly than I thought.
    Tess is a bouncy dog so the crate kept her more confined.I tied a bucket of water in her crate and her toys. I put her crib mattress in there for comfort for her which wasn't a good idea. The vet said it would be like walking on sand so keep the floor flate so it didn't move the knee.
    When I was home I tied her to the crate and we sat on the floor together. I would take each day as it comes.

    I did exactly as my surgeon said as they know the dog. There a various opinions as to when to let them walk more so I became a little confused and asked my surgeon questions.
    We took it slower with Tess than other dogs and she is doing well.

    Good thoughts coming.

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    Java stayed in an ex-pen after both of her TPLOs. She was very comfortable and happy in there with her dog bed and toys.
    Just a tip though-secure it to a wall. After they start feeling better it doesn't take them long to figure out they can move the ex-pen
    An ex-pen is better than a crate-they should be able to move around and stretch their legs out. Plus, they can stand up in an ex-pen-which is good-weight bearing on the leg helps the bone heal and stimulates new bone growth.

    The time will pass much quicker than you think and once you get into a routine it's really not bad at all.

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