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    DefaultNLR - New SIL is converted

    Comment in another thread about Laura being greated by her clan when she gets home reminded me of this.

    Last July 08 when my DD decided she was getting a dog, Louie the Cockapoo, her then boyfriend, now husband, was not really enthused about the idea. He wasn't ready for the lifestyle change, tied to a dog's schedule.

    Well, as it turned out, future SIL became a favorite of Louie's. And I thought I was detecting that Louie was winning him over.

    Last week I went to their place to help them install some shelving. Louie was watching SIL intently the whole time. Wherever SIL went Louie went. I commented that Louie seemed rather attached to SIL. He said that they were pretty attached to each other. How could someone not love the one that greated them every time he came home with exhuberant wiggles around and between his legs until he got picked up and petted?
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    Aww. It happens a lot.. my roomie is not a "dog" person, but Abbey follows her around, gives her snuggles, etc and I catch her all the time talking to Abbey, making her do tricks, etc.

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    Awww, all it takes is a little time and WHAM!!! you fall in love with them. His life will be so much better for loving Louie!


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