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    Defaultwalking a pup

    When did you start walking your puppy, how far did you go and how often did you walk him/her each day.

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    for on leash walking hte rule of thumb is around 5 minutes per month of age. But until they have had all their shots be very careful where you bring them, stay away from highly populated (by dog) areas.
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    For us, at 9 weeks but we were off leash and in dog sparse and safe areas. I did follow the 5 minute rule, loosely. The snow was deep so we often followed snowmobile trails, so straight line which is stressful, and I watched for signs the little toesie woesies were getting cold.

    Yep, ditto the vaccination concern.

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    I started walking my pup a couple days after I got him - the first day I had to go back to work. He was 10 weeks old and it was 5 a.m. We made it less than 2 houses down the street when he collapsed into a pile of sleeping puppy in the middle of the road. I scraped him off the pavement and had to carry him home and back to his bed.

    We got better at walking and I used the 5-10 minutes/month of age rule, but throughout his puppyhood he continued to lie down at random intervals along the walk. I would let him rest and then pry his but up off the ground and lead him home while the neighbors laughed.

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    For us it was after the 12 week vacination. I had walked her around the house and yard to get accustomed to the lead. I walked to the end of the street. She was so excited and so tired I carried her home. Next day I did less as I thought it was too much for her.

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    I started walking hunter as soon as we got him, 5-10 minutes just up the street and back, our 1st lab hated the leash and walking so I wanted to get him used to it early and I hoped it would help with pulling as he got bigger. We go for longer walks now he's 5 months old, yeah it didn't help,with the pulling! Sometimes I find myself walking in circles in an attempt for "loose leash walking!"
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    I walk Ryder between 20-30 minutes couple times a week. He loves it. He even knocks down the leash and brings it to me. In the beginning, we didn't walk him much since it was in the winter (December/January/February)...
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