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    dextervet112612.jpgI took Dexter (12 weeks now) to his new vet yesterday. They just loved him. The Dr. held him for a while and took several pictures LOL. This is one of them. My question is, he got all caught up on his vaccines for now. She mentioned several that are optional that I can't even remember them now as I am at work and don't have the list with me. For fleas/ticks she mentioned advantix and something called certifect. Anyone have any experience with either of these? He also got his microchip. He didn't flinch at all for the shots but he did yelp for the microchip for a minute then he was fine. She said influenza shot not necessary right now and to treat for fleas and ticks and if I do that he probably won't need the lyme vaccine? Hope I said all that correctly. I always like to know what everyone else is doing/getting for their lab. He is SUCH a good boy! I have healthy paws for insurance but she was really recommending trupanion. Not too sure about switching.

    Joe and Dexter

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    LOVE Dexter ! ( the puppy and the show !)

    We use K9 Advantix for ticks here in MA, usually
    from April to December ish.

    I've never had fleas so cant answer that one .
    And we dont have pet insurance, but I have heard
    good things about PetPlan.

    Welcome !
    Buddy 11

    bella 5

    Bruno 3

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    The most important vaccines, in my opinion are rabies (puppies don't get this until 16 weeks) and the distemper "cocktail," for which the puppy is given multiple boosters spaced a few weeks apart. The distemper "cocktail" usually protects against distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvo. Some vets include Lepto with this "cocktail" but most people don't recommend that due to the higher risk of reactions do the Lepto.

    A couple of the "optional" vaccines are Lepto, Lyme's and Bordetella (kennel cough). I'm not in what they consider a high risk area for lepto or Lyme's disease and the bordetella (given as drops into the dog's nose) is only effective against one strain, so it isn't really effective. Some boarding/training places and vet clinics require that the dog have Bordetella.

    My dogs are kept current on heartworm medication year round and we don't use flea/tick medicine regularly as we aren't heavily affected by them in my area.

    ETA: Lyme's disease can be contracted from a tick that bites a dog.. so theoretically if there aren't ticks on the dog due to flea/tick medication, then the dog will be less likely to contract Lyme's.
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