I will be SOOOO glad when
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Thread: I will be SOOOO glad when

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    DefaultI will be SOOOO glad when

    Kodi is out of heat. Talk about hormone central here. Ish, three intact males and Kodi in standing heat.

    Flint is beginning to feel his oats, and may need a serious attitude adjustment. He has always been such a wienie, that iy has been kinda cute watching him finally stand up for himself, and try to adjust his position in the pack. I am still alpha of course and break up any fussing verbally, but he is trying to shoulder his way above Red.

    Either Red or Flint has taken to marking the recliner chair, but I have not caught either in the act. The enzymatic cleaner may have helped a lot, once I saw what was happening (it has not happened since). Red, Hoss and Kodi all need to get neutered/spayed, that is going to be pricey. I am hoping things will settle down once Kodi is done with her heat, and I get some time to get the adults done!

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    That has to be a nightmare!
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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