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    So far I was feeding Cassie and in about 5 minutes we were going for a calm walk for about 15 minutes.

    A couple of days ago I have submitted an on-line question to a vet if the food bowl and water bowl of Labradors should be elevated and how tall should be so the risk of GDV could be avoided
    The answer I got was that the bowls should be elevated but not too much. Some research says that it's better if it's elevated and some other research says it should be on the floor. There is no official answer for this.

    Also he told me that it's good for the dog not to have water for about 5-10 minutes after eating and after exercise or play. Also it's best for the dog after feeding him to stay calm or get some sleep for about 30-60 minutes.

    So now I first walk Cassie and then I feed her. Then she rests and we play after about an hour.

    Any opinions on this?

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    I always wait an hour before or after a meal for vigorous exercise. By that i mean running and playing (fetch, dog park, over 45 minute brisk walk). So when we get home from the dog park at night they have to wait at least an hour to eat.

    But I have no problems feeding after a slowish 20-30 minute walk

    Water: well I let them drink at teh dog park. If we are there for over an hour on a summer day they absolutely NEED water. I may disrupt them if they were drinking too much but that hasn't been an issue with any of the dogs I had.
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