I have a 105lb squirrel
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Thread: I have a 105lb squirrel

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    DefaultI have a 105lb squirrel

    So our back yard has several trees inside the fenced in section where Jasmine gets to roam, and being trees, they are used often by the squirrels that chose to invade her space in the back yard. She tries in vain to catch them every opportunity she gets, and she has yet to do so, but she is getting more clever about her mission. She already takes a straight shot out the back door towards the deck stairs at full speed, and launches herself through space, never touching a single stair on the way down, so she can get to the squirrel sitting peacefully at the base of the tree taunting her. They just turn around a climb right up the tree and out of the danger zone as soon as they see or hear the big dog coming after them. They are hardly stupid and know they can escape as long as they are not too far from a tree.

    This aggravates my dog no end.

    So she has adapted her attack strategy to now include climbing the tree in pursuit of them. As you can see in the picture, two of the largest trees are rather close to the fence, and she has now learned that she can straddle the tree roots at the base, lean her back against the fence and push herself against it as she "walks" up the tree to gain another 5 or 6 foot advantage. It's actually rather impressive to watch, and I'll try and get it on film if I can, but she is obviously going to have to learn that this is not a good thing to be doing. I can see all kinds of injury or disaster potential in this clever little maneuver she has taught herself.

    I guess she learned it from watching the squirrels or something, I don't know, I don't care. She is just going to have to learn that this will not be accepted. I may put a collar around the tree or something to try and break her habit. I give her credit for being inventive and enterprising, but I definitely wasn't thinking she would come up with something like this.

    this is her doing her Flying Wallenda routine.
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    Wow! That's a determined and resourceful girl!

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    Creative and impressive, but I can definitely understand you wanting to discourage it.


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    Smart girl, but I understand that it worries you. Maybe she will stop doing it when she sees it doesn't get her the squirrel.
    I love to see when they finally get to the point where they see that charging gets them nowhere, and they learn to stalk.....ever so slowly, closer and closer, then Charge! Still no squirrel, but they got closer.

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