Autumn is sick again :(
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Thread: Autumn is sick again :(

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    DefaultAutumn is sick again :(

    Autumn's been back at the vet again. Not sure what's really going on, but the vet insists she ate something "bad." However, she's a strictly inside dog and definitely not a typical lab. She doesn't get into things and doesn't chew up or eat things.

    Anyway, I was at work on Sunday and the I get a text from my DH that Autumn's face is swollen. I leave work, rush home, and find a pup with a swollen muzzle and hives all over her belly. There's a bush out back that bees love so we figured maybe she got stung. Gave her some benadryl, swelling went down and hives disappeared by morning.

    Monday morning while I was at work DH called and said that pup was throwing up and had bad diarrhea so he was taking her to the vet. Then I get a call later that at the vet she had bloody diarrhea and was so lethargic she couldn't stand. They were debating about transferring her to the emergency vet. I left work early to go to the vet to see how she was. X-rays came out normal and bloodwork was okay except for some numbers that indicated she was having hemorrhaging in the colon which he said was from eating something bad or an infection. He let us take her home as long as we brought her back this morning.

    Tuesday (today) we take her back and she spends the day there. Bloodwork is coming back normal except now her liver is kinda out of whack which he says its because she ate something bad. We got to bring her home tonight as long as she goes back tomorrow for (hopefully the last day of) observation. Brought her home, fed her a bit of chicken and not even 10 minutes later she vomits.

    I'm so sad. I don't like seeing my pup sick and wish I could make her feel better. I don't like having an answer as to what exactly is going on. If you guys could send some positive thoughts her way that would be awesome.

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    Good thoughts coming. Hope they find what is wrong.

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    Sending good thoughts for Autumn. I hope your vet can figure out what her problem is.... as you seem pretty sure it wasn't caused by something "bad" that she ate. My previous lab was never sick and then this one time when she was older she had a bout of pancreatitis and that really knocked her for a loop. After that we had to be really careful with her diet (very low fat) and fortunately she never had a reoccurence.

    Please keep us posted as to how she is doing.

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    Abbey had something similar a couple years ago - not the swelling part, but the bloody stool. She was very dehydrated and lethargic and there was no way she had gotten into anything. I had her at the vet clinic with me when I went to work and we ended up treating her before really knowing what caused it. She was on fluids for a couple of days as well as meds and she bounced back, but you are right.. it's not fun to see them so sick.

    She is a dog that doesn't like to get carried or picked up, but she let me carry her to/from the car and in/outside this time.

    I hope your girl bounces back like mine did.. it's definitely scary! Good thoughts and prayers.

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