CJ becoming much more vocal recently
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Thread: CJ becoming much more vocal recently

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    DefaultCJ becoming much more vocal recently

    CJ turned 11 in September. In the past few weeks we have noticed that he is much more vocal while he is lying down stretching or switching positions. It doesn't sound like a yelpy pain sound - more like a purry-style groan or moan sound. We play with him and scratch and light-wrestle and he doesn't seem to be in pain, but I wonder if he is. He doesn't show any other signs of being in pain. He is a bit overweight, but otherwise checked out healthy at his last vet visit.

    Does anyone else have experience with this kind of behavior?

    I guess it just kind of reminds me of the sounds my grandparents used to make when they stood up after a long sit - but it also sounds like a comfortable moan from someone having a good stretch.

    I'll try to get him on video, but it's hard to time it just right.
    Laura & CJ in New Hampshire

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    Has he made any noises when lying down before. The comfortable moan sounds like Kass and Erns. He shuffles around until he is comfortable, then a long loud sigh...kind of aaahhhhhh this is good.

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    I noticed Judy (6 months younger than CJ) doing that lately too.

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