My biggest hope will finally come true!
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Thread: My biggest hope will finally come true!

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    TalkingMy biggest hope will finally come true!

    Ever since I've known what a puppy was I've wanted one. I'm a giant animal lover, and since the age of ten have owned various reptiles, amphibians and fish (saltwater too!). I got my first furry pet a year (Two guinea pigs currently living in a 15 foot cage!) ago and I dedicate a lot to take care of them. But what I've always wanted was a puppy. My dad and the rest of my siblings love animals but my mom is allergic to fur. So when I was little I wished everyday for a dog, I day dreamed walking him down the street and bringing him to the lake to swim. I hoped and wished and cried and dreamed for so long! Since a few years ago the number of days I haven't thought of having a dog can probably be counted easily. During field hockey games and lacrosse games even a dog would cross my mind. My dad says possibly. In a few years when our backyard is finished we can secretly buy a lab puppy and give him to my mom and siblings. The dog of course won't be all outdoors, but because of my moms allergies he won't be allowed upstairs unless brought up by us (we spend most if not all our time downstairs during the day) and will have limited space indoors (theres a perfect spot that we can baby gate off, we spend hours next to there). We can play with him in the space and his crate and toys and everything can be down there. It's a large space and if we block off the exit of the porch he can go out on the porch through a doggy door. We live on lots of land and will have a fence eventually so he will have grass to run on. Oh I know my grammar was horrible I'm just so excited! I will always be there for the puppy, house training and waking up every three hours to bring him out! I have a list of reputable breeders and everything! I know this was long and probably immature sounding but you can't imagine how happy I am! In a few years I will finally have a puppy.

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    I'm so excited for you! I've always had dogs so I was that way about having a horse. I still remember when we moved and my parents told me I could get a horse in the spring (this was in summer). The waiting was cruel and when the perfect horse became available my parent let me get her in January. Good Luck!...I hope the wait isn't too long.

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    Congratulations on all your preparations! It sounds like you will be a wonderful dog owner. Good luck to you!
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