Dixie and Jodie's first night at puppy playtime.
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Thread: Dixie and Jodie's first night at puppy playtime.

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    DefaultDixie and Jodie's first night at puppy playtime.

    I took Dixie to puppy playtime last night. It was my first experience at a place like this. They do classes and doggie daycare, etc. I figured since Willy doesn't like all her pent up energy taken out on him, I'd take her to play with the puppies. Plus, she needs socialized with other dogs and people. When Libby and Willy were young, all our friends had young dogs and they had regular play dates. Sadly, all of those dogs have passed now, except Willy.

    So I am going to take Dixie to playtime every week and start obedience with her. But Holy crap! What a trip that was. Dogs running everywhere, playing, snarling, peeing! I got peed on by a boxer!!!!

    Dixie was a little intimidated at first, even jumped in some girls lap when she got scared. But after a while, she got used to the ruckus and started playing. There were two little dalmation pups her size that she played with. They were really cute. One was deaf, but already knows all the hand signals.

    So in the group there was a husky, bmd, boxer, yellow lab/pit mix the dal twins and Dixie. I was really happy that she went throught the tunnel they use in agility. I wanted to try to teach her that, but now I won't have too, the dals did it for me! We had fun! She was exhausted this morning still.

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    Wonderful Jodie !

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