More dog park shannigans
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Thread: More dog park shannigans

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    DefaultMore dog park shannigans

    Well not really ! BUT

    I go to the DP at the same time every morning ! ( 0630 and pitch black umless teh moon is out ) We always meet a Labradoodle ( Betty ) An old yellow Lab ( Bracken ) and a sort of non desript intact mongrel called Barney - sort of Staffy - Boxer - Cattle dog mix !

    Thing is that we see them so regularly that they all more or less ignore each other ! You can almost hear them say "Boring "

    Anybody else ?

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    Well .. If you think it's boring, just put a *fresh* new, and unknown dog in their middle, and take a look at the out come

    The will act like a pack

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    HK could care less about any other dog in the DP, except for Zoe, if I have the Chuck it with me. She only cares about that ball. I seriously believe that I could lay a fresh roast beef in the field and throw the ball such that hshe has to run right over the roast, and she would. Ball even surpasses food.

    No Chuckit. She wanders around. Checks out the favorite spots and any dog that happens to be nearby until a challenge for a chase is presented. If she finds one that will chase her, they are off.

    She will still, almost two weeks later, do everything she can to be as far from Zoe and she can.

    PS: Not intending to hijack. Zoe and her Mom were there this morning with a muzzle. Hmm. Muzzle was not on Zoe, it was being carries by Mom. When Mom saw us, it went on Zoe. Okay, I had enough. I went straight for her and told her what I saw. I asked her what good the muzzle in her hand would be, if Zoe saw another dog before she did? Damn stupid woman. It was like I explained the theory or relativity to her.
    Hershey Kisses, In charge of getting Ed out to the dog park so that he gets some exercise.

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    Prior to the moron bringing their aggressive dog to the park, we had the same kind of deal at the dog park down the road. My neighbor and her two Puggles, a lady with a bunch of beagles and a couple of mutts were pretty much there every day at the same time. Abbey had fun and made friends with one of them and they just chased each other the whole time. Now, I don't think we'll ever go back to another dog park. I don't want to chance it ever again.

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    Erns has only been off lead at a dog park a few times.He is a maniac and runs away.

    Four years ago several trainers told me I cold never let Erns off lead. I tried for a few years on a long lead and gave up. Last week I let him off after people in the park asked if they could see him. He was in the car while I ran Gema around.. He of course ran away.
    I used the loaf of bread from my shopping as bait and he came back. I was so excited.

    I did it again yesterday. After his usual run around like a wild thing then eventually settling and barked for treats. He ignored alll the other dogs for the first half hour then started to ask them who they were. He was so excited, until he became silly and I had to put him in the car.

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    Ernie 25/11/01 adopted May 05
    Sam 11? adopted Nov 06 - 18/12/07 Lyphoma
    Tessa. Rescued June 2011.
    Bone Cancer Dogs org.

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    Just goes to show how smart dogs are, they know exactly who's who, and react to each other, almost like humans, amazing!
    Chantel and...

    Daisy, Hayshaker She's Utterly Unforgettable, CGC
    Lola, our mellow yellow gal. Gotcha on 1-7-07

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