Leaving my new puppy at home while at work....
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Thread: Leaving my new puppy at home while at work....

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    DefaultLeaving my new puppy at home while at work....

    I'm bringing home my 12 week old English Labrador tomorrow evening! I'm so very excited!!! I recently lost my Staffordshire to liver disease and it's taken me a while to even fathom getting another dog after losing my Pixie, she was so very special. I'm thrilled to meet my new furbaby Shiloh, however I'm having major anxiety in regard to leaving him at home for my 8hr work day, 5 days a week! It's possible that my aunt can come over once a day to let him out, but he will be in a penned in the kitchen w/ his dog house and fresh water the rest of the time. Is it better to crate him or to pen him in the kitchen with a dog house??? I feel so bad leaving him at home, but I have to work! I'm a single mom of one, so no one is home during the day. I invested in a dog house, one of those hard plastic nice houses and I figure I'd pen him in the kitchen with his house and some room to stretch out and go potty on puppy pads if needed. Now I'm wondering if I should return the dog house and get a crate after reading some of these forums?????

    Help! Shiloh will be coming home tomorrow night and spending his first time alone Friday!

    Thank goodness I have the weekend to spend with my new baby!
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    When he is really young, the pen will work. As he begins to grow, they chew on everything! If you pen him in the kitchen use an X-pen so that he won't reach and eat your cupboards. I have seen labbys chew the doors right off of cabinets. Crating works, only if you have some one who can let him out during the day. Puppies need to potty a lot! He can't hold it all day. If there is a way you could hire a sitter, that might work for you. Once he has all his vaccines, he could go to day care. Good luck!

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    Having someone to take him out is a wonderful idea. While I am not a fan of puppy pads, the set up you have described sounds as if it may work well until she is old enough to be left for any length of time without fear of accidents. I also agree with Pam's advice above. I AM a fan of crates but was fortunate enough to have a much different circumstance when I brought Maxx home last year. He went to work with me until he wad about 6 mos old and nor one of the techs from my vet office spends her lunch time at my house on the days everyone is gone for more than 4 hours. Good luck to you!
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    Don't feel bad about crating ! They grow to look at the crate as their own and will even retreat there on their own providing that you make it a welcome place by treating him in there and even feeding him in there for the time being.

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    I am in the same position as you but have 2 labs.
    I put the pup in the kitchen with his bed, water and lots of toys.
    I am also using puppy pads and he is getting the idea now that when we are home and the door is open, he goes outside. The only problem is that he does not ask to go out when the doors are closed and will then wee where the pad usually is.
    I have to let my older lab have run of the upstairs as he does not like being shut in one room and shreds the puppy pads.
    I am sure if I was home all day he would be properly house trained by now but we will get there.

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    Congrats on your new baby! First of all, definetly have someone stop by during the day to take him out to play and potty and have some company. This is invaluable! Also, if you don't have a crate, you will need one . I really believe in crate training a dog, even if they don't spend much time there. You can use a crate if your dog needs "bedrest" for some reason, if you travel with him, if people come to your house where you might want to be able to crate your dog while they are there, etc. It is a safe place to keep your dog for whatever reason you might need it. I also think that the puppy might feel more safe in a crate when he is young, as opposed to having a room to run around in, but he would probably do well either way.

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