How much will my 6 month yellow lab puppy weigh full grown?
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Thread: How much will my 6 month yellow lab puppy weigh full grown?

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    DefaultHow much will my 6 month yellow lab puppy weigh full grown?

    My female yellow lab, Marley, is 54 pounds at exactly 6 months old. She's not at all overweight and I was told she would be a big girl. Some think (including the last vet tech we saw) that she would be 90 pounds. Breeder said 70-80. It doesn't matter to me what she weighs, I'm just very curious. What you think she'll weight from your experiences?

    Thank you!

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    My girl Java was 55 lbs at 5 months.
    She is 3 1/2 now and weighs 60 lbs. She topped out at 76 lbs, but I slimmed her down after she blew both knees out. She was not overweight at 76 lbs, but slimmer is better for a dog with ortho issues.

    My other girl was 34 lbs at 4 months. She now weighs 53 lbs at 3 years old.

    I'd listen to your breeder before I'd listen to a vet tech.

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    Kayce was about 50 lbs at 6 months, she topped out at 75lbs at a yr and has stayed there ever since. She is now 2.5 yr and still 75 lbs.

    Diesel is 55 lbs now, and he is just 4.5 months. His litter mates are 38 to 40 lbs now. I did not realize he was so much larger than them
    until I proudly sent his photo and weight to his breeder. He is just a solid mass of muscle. The vet says he is perfectly proportionate, not
    an ounce of fat and will be a big boy. I'll believe when I see it, LOL.

    Kayce and Diesel, almost same size
    Diesel, 4.5 [email protected] lake

    I heard something about doubling weight at a certain age to get full grown size, but I don't
    know if that ever works. I think they just grow like they were meant to, with lots of love!

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    *points to her right palm*


    What did her mother weigh?


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