What having a dog brings to people's lives (NYTimes article)
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Thread: What having a dog brings to people's lives (NYTimes article)

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    DefaultWhat having a dog brings to people's lives (NYTimes article)

    The Puppy Diaries
    by Jill Abramson

    We were still digesting our dinner and I wanted to hang out longer with my relatives at our traditional potluck Thanksgiving feast. But I saw Henry looking at his watch: Scout was waiting for us at home.

    Although my cousin had kindly invited Scout to come along, she’s not yet well-trained enough for us to feel confident that she wouldn’t bring havoc with her.

    Momentarily, I wondered what could have possessed us, at this point in our lives, to tie ourselves down to a puppy’s inflexible schedule when our children are grown up and we could be enjoying a level of freedom unimaginable before. Why are our floors once again strewn with brightly colored toys? Why am I up at dawn walking in the rain and wind, when I could be cozily inside, drinking coffee?

    Buddy, our previous dog, came into our lives when our children were still young and our days were full of pick-up times, piano lessons and soccer games. Buddy was just one part of a life jammed with caretaking responsibilities. In fact, Buddy took care of us as much as we took care of him.

    But we’d concluded, in the two years after Buddy died, that an empty nest was really no blessing. Sure, we could travel on impulse or work late without worrying about who would feed and walk the dog. But .............

    (for the rest of the article, click on the link below)


    IMO, this series is very well done. To see past columns which include topics such as should I buy pet insurance, handling puppy biting, etc., click on this link below which contains a list and brief description of each previous column.


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    Great article. I often joke with friends that I filled my empty nest syndrome with a Lab. Ernie (Kass) come every where with us as part of the family.

    I think yes there could be times you are tied because of a dog, but 99.9% it is the good things about owning a dog.
    If I had a young family it would be very difficult for me to pay $65.00 a week for special food for Ernie or give him the vet treatment he needs.

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    I can understand that there's a different relationship between dog and owner when one is younger, (working,family, busy schedule) and when one is retired, empty nest. Now that I'm retired, my dogs are a bigger part of my life than dogs from my past when I was busy. When I was younger and busy with life, I loved my dogs as much as now, but was forces to spend less time with them. I didn't get to know them as well as I know M,J,B,&D.

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