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    DefaultSleeping habit change

    This is how our nights usually go..

    -I tell the boys "bed time" and they go running to my room. Tank will jump up into "his" spot on the bottom and Bentley up by where I sleep. Then I maneuver around them and crawl into my tiny spot they are nice enough to give me. Then around 10-11 I turn off the TV and go to sleep. Then around 1 in the morning Bentley will jump off and lay on the floor. Then around 5:30-6:30 I wake up and Tank will dart down the stairs and Bentley I have to get motivated,lol. Then once i let them out Bentley usually goes back to sleep,while I get ready. Then around 7 I feed them and of course Bentley gets up,lol.

    This is the new habit that has been going on for a while now.

    I tell them it's bed time. They both run to my room and Tank will jump into his spot. Bentley will wait though. I just crawl into bed and the whole time he stares...I mean creepy stalker stares at me,lol. So I tell him "Bentley, up" and he will jump right into his spot. Then he will stay there all night. Then when my alarm goes off, he gets up and walks down-stairs to the door to be let out. No "Bentley get up...time to go out...Bentley wanna play ball?? Nothing he just gets up and goes to the door. Then he will come back in and play by himself while I am getting ready. Once I am done he goes straight towards his food bowl and waits.

    Has anyone else experienced a change like this??

    P.S. I have had Bentley for 2 years now(his gotcha Day was yesterday)
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    Maybe he is growing up, lol! Other than the change from sleeping through the night wirhin a short time of bringing a new puppy home and sleeping sounder without the desire to hop out of bed 1st thing as they get older I have never dealt with other changes. As long as he is eating, playing and acting normal in all other ways I wouldn't't much worry about it. If you notice other changes a trip to the vet may be a good idea. I wouldn't't be overly concerned right now.
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