While reciting the riot act to Buddy
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Thread: While reciting the riot act to Buddy

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    DefaultWhile reciting the riot act to Buddy

    Walking into the bedroom after work yesterday afternoon I almost stepped on a semi chewed bottle of ketchup sans lid. Buddy jumped up on the bed very happy I was home until he saw the ketchup bottle. His ears went down, his eyes got big, and his tail stopped wagging. "Keep this up and you will be living in a crate" I said as I showed him the bottle. And with that I took a breath, and Buddy sank slowly to the bed in a heap, nose down into the bedding. I started reciting Riot act 21B You never ever blah blah blah and he slowly moved his right paw on top of his nose, then the left paw slowly on top of the right paw on the nose and closed his eyes as if he was waiting for an explosion. He was motionless. I gave him the summary version in as stern a voice as I could muster but he did not unfold until after I changed clothes. He was very good while we were gone today.

    Watching him cover his nose reminded me of the time my first Lab Red had gotten his nose on top of the dining room table years before and got an open box of Betty Crocker low fat diet chocolate somethings from under two full boxes of the stuff and had eaten the contents of the open box. He greeted me with sugar/chocolate induced exuberance at my return in the kitchen but did not follow me into the living room where I found the fragmented remains of seven Betty Crocker low fat diet chocolate delite wrappers. "Red! What were you thinking?!! As I turned to the kitchen doorway I saw him low crawling into the living room on his elbows and knees tail straight up. Red was quite a Lab. If Buddy does not run out of lives, he will be one too.

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    I can just see Buddy on the bed, paws covering his face, it really is hard to get mad at them, isn't it?

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    Don't you wish you could get a picture of that. But pulling out a camera would spoil the effect of riot act reading.

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