Dogs had a long day today.
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Thread: Dogs had a long day today.

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    DefaultDogs had a long day today.

    Ginger is passed out dead tired right now after a long walk earlier today and lots of play time. While Mr.Bentley is dropping wet soggy toys on my feet, stealing the ferret food(weirdo), pouncing on Tank like a puppy, using the couch like a catapult, and barking at me to play with him Of course, he wears out the visitor but not himself,lol. Tank is looking at me with "mom it is almost 12 make this crazy thing calm down". Poor Tank has been stiff the last few days because it has been 40 degrees at night. So he gets extra blankets tonight until I can find his electric one I guess all day outside running like wild animals, long walks, and some extra obedience training will tire anyone out...except Bentley of course. maybe I should have went with my moms choice and got a Great Dane......just joking but man he has some energy since it has been cooler this week and being locked up in the house all last week because of 4 straight days of rain.

    As a side note- Ginger actually got here Thurday night and while I LOVE her being here I am ready to go back to only having to take care of my 2,lol.
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    Sounds very busy!


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