What can cause pigment loss/rash?
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Thread: What can cause pigment loss/rash?

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    DefaultWhat can cause pigment loss/rash?

    Guthrie was out doing some water work this weekend. One of the bumpers was thrown into large area of thick grass along the edge of the pond. He had to fight into the grass in order to get the bumper. when he returned his face had several small bleeding areas as if he had gotten scratched by thorns. The areas were very small...by the time I put him up in the kennel the bleeding had stopped. I initially thought he might had gotten into nettles but he did not seem to be in any discomfort On Monday the areas looked pink and I figured it was just healing. Tonight I noticed that he is now losing pigment from his nose down to his mouth.

    Does anyone know what kind of plant would cause this? Is this just the beginning of something more serious?

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    I have no idea. Might be worth a trip to the vet just to make sure!

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