Tank grolwed at someone Saturday.
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Thread: Tank grolwed at someone Saturday.

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    DefaultTank grolwed at someone Saturday.

    Saturday my town had a parade and I took Tank with me. He usually does really well and does nothing byt wag his tail and kiss every little kid he sees. he has went to 4 parades before,never a problem. Well saturday I think I know what sparked but am not for sure. A man came up to give me a pamphlet and when he did he raised it like he was going to hit me(he was getting it out of a bag) and that is when tank growled. I gave a sharp correction(by that I mean a "ah!" and told him to lay down. Tank has met this person before and was completely fine with him. Right after that person left someone else came up to me(also a man) and Tank was fine and the man petted tank(without asking) thankfully tank was fine with it. Then after that the only person that came up to me was a little kid(maybe 5ish) and Tank allowed her to pet him and she even gave him a hug He had the look of "mom, this is embarrassing",lol. So with the growl I am guessing the raised paper is what made him growl? Then today I went to get the mail and as usual Tank came with me(his favorite place to go) and we ran into the same man who Tank growled at. Tank was fine with him. I told him Saturday more than likely it was how he raised the pamphlet and explained to him about tanks past ect.. and thankfully he was understanding.

    I am not for sure but because of how he was treated before I got him maybe he thought he was going to get hit or that the man was going to hurt me?
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    I would think that it was the pamphlet. It probably looked threatening to him and he reacted.
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