Kuranda Dog beds...any opinions?
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Thread: Kuranda Dog beds...any opinions?

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    DefaultKuranda Dog beds...any opinions?

    I've been looking at them, I like them. I'm wondering if dogs like them? Anyone have one? My puppy seems to much prefer being "up" to lounge just thinking he may like one of these.
    Smokey 4/25/2012

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    I don't have one for my dogs. From what I have read here - some dogs like them and some don't.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    I just looked into them for Kayce and Diesel as Kayce is now getting rubbed elbows as she is laying on the carport more. Used to lay in the grass, but since Jack's passing, she is changing certain habits. The beds looked nice, but for the price of one, I bought two Kong beds and put them under the carport. The cat and Diesel like the Kong beds, Kayce prefers her soft indoor bed, so I moved Jack's soft bed outside for her.
    My carport is now looking like a doggie redneck playground.

    I also looked into Coolaroo beds. Cheaper but had some good reviews.
    And some camping stores have an elevated bed for dogs as well.

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    Yup, some like them, some do not. My dogs all are allowed on the furniture, so they have little interest in a ewwww "DOG" bed, after all, the couch in the living room sleeps five dogs and one human!

    Seriously though, the kennel I work at has many Kuranda beds, and similarly, some will use them others will stuff themselves into the floor space left to avoid them. They are pricey, but if you are handy, there is a website out there somewhere that describes how to make them.

    Karen and the gang
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