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    DefaultLost Labs

    I was out for a walk with Layla and got to thinking. What is it like to lose a dog? Like running away losing a dog, not dying losing a dog. Has anyone lost a dog and if so what happened?

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    That would be the worst thing. I know someone whose dog went missing and years later she still hope it will find it's way home.

    Erns went missing for 5 hours and another time 4 so that is enough for me. Discovering your dog is missing is a horrible.,orrible feeling. Mine have returned home so I can only imagine what it is like.

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    I always see photos of pets that are missing when I go walking. The photos are posted on the power poles as I walk and I always wonder how things will turn out for them. They are always sending pleading messages of a safe return. I just could not imagine that.
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    My sister and brother in law have hounds. They are Grand Nite Champion hunters, competetive hunters. Awesome dogs. If they were to get loose and pick up on a track they would be gone. The three they have currently haven't. But one they had previously was gone 10 days. It is heart breaking. They are only off leash when they are hunting and then they have GPS collars on. Hounds are known to be terrible off leash because of their noses. They generally return but will follow a track miles and days.
    Smokey 4/25/2012

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    I would be frantic. My 2 have ID tags, they are microchipped and are NEVER outside unsupervised. If the unthinkable I would round up as many family members, friends, etc as possiblue and start searching.
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    When Abbey was 4 months old, I took her to my mom's house and put her in out in the fenced in yard with my mom's 6 year old chocolate lab. I went inside to talk with my mom and came outside a few minutes later and Teddie had gotten the gate latch open and both dogs were gone. I had never panicked so much in my life. I wasn't sure she really knew her name yet and my mom had a huge field and woods behind her house and a busy road in the front. I was running around yelling for Abbey, fell into a woodchuck hole and badly sprained my ankle but it didn't stop me from running around looking for me girl. About 15 minutes later (seemed like hours), she came running from the neighbors yard. I was never so happy to see my baby. I learned never to leave my dogs unsupervised for any length of time. It makes my heart quicken to even think about it now, 12 years later.

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    Tank went missing for 3 days last year. I couldn't sleep, worried if he would be hit by something or attacked by a coyote or some other critter(reports of Mt.Lions around here). Since he has a bum leg and clearly gets in pain and limps it shows weakness. A lot of farmers do the SSS around here(shot,shovel,shut-up). I posted fliers ASAP and walked around town. Then my dad went up and down the high way(Had my last black lab hit and killed on that highway ) Didn't want a repeat but no sign of him. 3 days later he ended up at my uncles house. Sore and hungry but safe. I live in a very small farm community(500 people) and almost everyone knows my dogs. Sounds weird but I walk them everywhere and they go to the post office and other places. So I had the community's help.

    Then this summer my mom was in charge of them( I was somewhere else) and they went missing for a few hours. I called AC, police station, gas station in my town, local mechanic and no one had seen them. But having my dogs on file with AC made me feel a little better. Thankfully I got them back. NEVER NEVER want to go through i again!
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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