Is this the end for Candie
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Thread: Is this the end for Candie

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    DefaultIs this the end for Candie

    Candie is 12 yrs 7 months, she has been having problems since November of last year, now she looks as if it could be time to go, just the look on her face tells me she is in pain. She has arthritise and over the past 2 months or so she is panting a lot, she has no temp so we figured is is just the summer weather, but she pants even if we keep the house ice cold with AC. This past week she has stoppen coming up stairs and just sleeps on the couch and she has had 2 violent seazsures in the past 2 to 3 weeks. She is drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot and has even had a few accidents in the house, now she is starting to throw up after eating. She still shows she is hungry and wants to eat but has only been eating half her food and has even walked away from it once or twice. The vet says there is no cancer but there is a huge fatty mass on her right side which is forcing her right leg out which is making it hard for her to stand and walk. We love her so much and it's sooooooo hard to make the "hard" decision so I would just like to as those with experience, does this sound like the end for Candie? I should mention the vet has her on 2 pain meds one which is also a anti seazure med and an anti biotic, could the symptoms be from the meds? We dont know what to do, we dont want her to go.
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    Sounds a lot like my Mitzi, 12 and 9 months. Panting, weak hind legs, excess water drinking, peeing a lot even in the house, strong appetite all are signs of Cushings which can be treated. I noticed all of this on Mitzi a few months ago and took her to the vet mostly because her normal habits suddenly changed.
    Ask your vet to run a blood panel on Candie and see if it could suggest Cushings (which is difficult to diagnose and treat) If yes, ask the vet for a referral to an internal medicine specialist who would have more experience diagnosing and treating it. (Diagnosis and treatment can be quite expensive)
    Prayers and well wishes for Candie.

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    I assume the vet also checked blood sugar, some of the symptoms are common with diabetes. If you can "find something wrong" that can be treated, then you make that decision. If nothing is found and your dog seems miserable, then that's the time to make the hard decision - remember - you are making the decision for your dog - dogs are very forgiving. My 10 year old Skippy was very sick, and while we didn't have a definitive diagnoses, the vet was sure that he had cancer. I knew it was time to help Skippy cross over the bridge when I realized that every morning we were hoping that he had died in his sleep. If you find yourself in the place where your are just waiting for your dog to die, then for me, that is the sign to help them one more time.

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