Haana and her life now (long)
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Thread: Haana and her life now (long)

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    DefaultHaana and her life now (long)

    She is having fun terrorising us all. Play, play, play. Walk, walk, walk. Treat, treat, treat. OO, is that a ball? Yippee! Nom, nom a sock! A rug! Dirty underwear - this place is great!

    We are having resource guarding issues and right now she is living the NILIF routine with me. She bit me, well she went for me and my hand didn't get away in time before she closed her mouth so one bruised hand and knuckles later she is having to suck up to get what she wants from me. I am a little scared of her because of it and that is just frustrating because I wasn't like that with Fanny or Eddie but it will pass and we will get to be where we need to be. She is learning that she is loved and wanted.

    She can get very grumpy if woken up and will snap if surprised, I would too if I was in as deep a sleep as she gets into! She loves to run and play with Daddy. They play hide & seek in the yard every night, he enjoys it as much as she does but won't admit it - it is a PITA....... he has finally come to the realization that she needs far more exercise than she gets........a longer walk would do wonders! And she gets 2 a day..... he is a slow learner. He hates it when I tell him I used to walk 2 dogs for an hour every day at the park for almost 10 years, because he knows it is true and he wouldn't come with me, always making excuses.

    Every time I walk her, I go armed with treats and she wears a gentle leader. Every time I walk her I have an accident of some sort. Last week a dog got out and jumped her and in the melee I got knocked over, no injuries sustained by either of us. At the BP later with Eddie I got body slammed by a dog and it almost broke my leg and shattered my knee. I am still limping and the dogs are annoyed that I am not walking them but they will live.................

    She does enjoy us, and thinks Eddie is a huge piece of meat she can chew on, she know JJ is a thief because she always has to get her toys from him which starts a good chase and tug of war between them. She loves and takes care of Mom-Mom. Does not like anyone resting while she is awake, barks if you do until you get up.......... The barking has got better as she has acclimated but boy, does she go on..... last week when I hurt my leg she started barking at me and I stuck my fingers in my ears and started la-la-laing and she stopped mid bark, took a breathe, lifted her eyebrow and then barked even louder and harder - I was hysterical. Get your fun where you can.......................

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    Wow! Did she mean to bite you or did you just get in the way at the wrong time? It sure sounds like she is high energy and full of herself! She certainly seems to have hit the jackpot for her humans! Hope your leg is feeling better soon.
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    Man oh man! I would be letting my DH do the dog walking for awhile! It does sound like she has made improvements since you first got her. Did you ask a trainer about her biting?

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    Is Eddie OK with her? She sounds like a high energy girl. Don't show her that you're afraid of her in any way.
    I'm so happy for her and you that she has found a loving home where she can feel secure and safe. Thanks for the update.

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