Question about potty training with the bell
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Thread: Question about potty training with the bell

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    DefaultQuestion about potty training with the bell

    Ok, Here goes one of many questions to come since we just got our little Yellow Lab puppy. lol... Ok, My 4 month old Lab follows my wife and I everywhere in our apartment which is ok because I can watch him and make sure he doesnt have any accidents inside. I'm currently potty training him with the bell hanging from the door knob and he's responding well. He'll ring it when he has to go and everything. Now, I suspect he suffers from mild separation anxiety so when I go outside to have a cigarette he'll start whining and i can feel him ringing the bell from inside cause he wants to be by me (not pee or poop). can i ignore him?...I ask this because I want to have my cigarette in peace but on the other hand I dont want him to stop ringing the bell when he has to potty. so in other words, will it ruin all the potty training if I ignore him when Im smoking outside? Does that make any sense? lol Hopefully

    Thanks Guys!

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    You taught him to ring the bell if he wants to go outside so that is what he is doing!! My 2 have a nervous breakdown if I go outside and leave them inside. Especially Maxx, he is a velcro puppy and follows me everywhere. I can't remember the last time I took a shower without him, lol! I would not think this would interfere with his training to ring the bell to go out, but I have heard of dogs figuring out ringing the bell gets them outside and they will do it even when they don't need to potty. As long as your puppy is getting plenty of play time and exercise I would just ignore him but even better than that you could quit smoking!
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    It sounds like what you've actually trained him is that ringing the bell means "let's go outside!" period. When he rings the bell for potty, make sure that is all you do out there & praise him tremendously. Even if you have to bring him back inside just to go back out again for a proper walk/play fetch, etc. Otherwise, I don't see how he will get the difference. Does that make sense?

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    Cassie rings the bell too when he goes out. Pee or no pee if she wants out I'm opening then door. If I delay opening the door she rings again ..and again ..and again but I always open. Sometimes her water bowl is out on the porch and she rings just to drink water. Some times she just want to go out for no reason, but I always open even for just one minute outside.

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    Finn does the SAME thing. I can just come in from feeding the ponies, and he wants back out! I mean, he was JUST out for over an hour! But he wants out NOW. If I don't let him out he paces and whines.

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