New member here...need some advice on puppy during the day. Thanks!
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Thread: New member here...need some advice on puppy during the day. Thanks!

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    DefaultNew member here...need some advice on puppy during the day. Thanks!

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. Sunday we brought home a 7wk old yellow lab male puppy named Phoenix.
    We have been crating him at night. He wakes us up every 4-6 hours and we let him out to go potty.
    Right now my kids are home during the day and take care of him.

    However, Thursday they go back to school. My wife and I both work out of town.
    We leave at 7:30 am and no one will be home until 3:30ish when the kids get out of school.

    What's the best thing to do with this little guy while we are at work?
    I feel bad crating him for that long.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    and you didn't consider that this would be a problem before ?

    It's much too long to leave an eight week old pup on it's own, but at least you got a crate.

    Unless you get somebody to let him out at least twice in the daytime then you will get a mess in the crate. It's not crating that is a problem - he'll be fine with that, but can't you get somebody to let him out while you are at work ?

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    Hello and welcome to the forum - congrats on your new puppy!

    So the rule is that a puppy can hold their bladder for as many hours as they are months old - so an 8-week old should get a potty break every 2 hours and so on. You're lucky that Phoenix can already hold his bladder for 4 - 6 hours during the night -- I wasn't so lucky and was up about every 2 - 3 hours with my pup until she was about 4 months old.

    I would say that being in a crate from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm is way too long for a puppy that young - is there anyone that you can ask to come by and give Phoenix a potty break and a bit of outside time at some point during the day? Can you or your husband come home at lunch?

    If there is no one that can give Phoenix a break halfway through the day, I would maybe suggest putting together a "playpen" of sorts -- you can actually buy playpen contraption at PetSmart or PetCo or something like that. I wouldn't make it too big - put his blanket or pillow in one corner and maybe pee pad in the other. This is not the best idea because a crate is really the best and safest place for a puppy when unsupervised, but a puppy so young really shouldn't be in a crate for more than a few hours at a time. Others on the board may have better advice - I was lucky as my husband was able to take Aila to work with him when she was very young, so I never had this problem.

    Good Luck - please post some pics of Phoenix.

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    That is far too long for a puppy to be alone. The crate will contain any mess, but that is not the way you want your pup to live... struggling to hold it because they don't want to lay in their pee or poop until they can't hold it any longer.

    Can you find someone to take him out during the day?

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    Crating will help, but at that young of age, you need someone to let him out twice, at the very least once, during the day. If you don't have a family member, friend or neighbor you can trust to let him out during the day, I would suggest looking for a dog walker, pet sitter, etc. A lot of times your vet clinic may be able to suggest a trusted/insured company or individual. You might need them to come twice for the first few weeks, then once a day around lunch time after that.

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    You could also look into a puppy daycare. I know our vets has one.

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    I agree with the rest of the posts. Your best bet is try to split the day in half and have someone come home around lunch to let him out. Also be sure, if you don't do that, and you come home to a mess, don't scold him. (he already has been punished having to lay in it)

    Things to remember:

    Keep the crate close to the door or in an active place around the house....don't leave anything in the crate or on top that he can get a hold of. Also no coller.

    Take him outside to potty only. (keep the play indoors. make sure to give pleanty of praise when he potties outdoors. (not when he gets back in)

    When inside, do NOT let him go unsupervised out of the crate. Keep a close eye on him at ALL times. If you can't, put him back in he crate.
    if he squats to pee or poop. just say "no no" and pick him up and rush him outside, when he pees give lots of praise at that time.
    Oh and remember to take him to the same place everytime he goes out side.

    Nyla bones or small kongs or kong bones are best for chew toys at this stage. Again don't leave him unsupervised with the toys.

    At this stage I fed all my pups 1/2 cup 3x a day untill 10 weeks. Then I went to 1cup 2x a day. (this is just a guidline)
    I feed Rubin a high quality large breed puppy food.

    Feed him in his crate, this will make his crate a "happy place" and get him used to liking it.

    Remember never use his name to scold him...Just a firm "NO" is best. and never call your puppy to you and scold him. He will become afraid to come to you.

    The first three weeks when he is home are very impotant for bonding. It's recomemded lots of holding the pup is OK and speak in a soft calming tone using his name and giving lots of praise.....

    I'll hold Rubin and simply tell him "good boy Rubin" over and over and he will simply settle into my lap and lay there....He turned 10 weeks today.

    Again these are just a guidlines and I know some folks may or maynot agree. But this is what my breeder has told me and it's worked well for me.

    Annie Roses 8/11/10 Rescued 4/21/12 (was living in a barn)
    Rubin Hunter 7/12/12 Gotcha 8/1/12

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    I put my guy in an ex-pen while I was away at work. There was no one to let him out, and although it wasn't ideal it did work. He had a blanket on one side and potty pads on the other. Be prepared to clean up a mess every day, though.

    The funniest thing was one day when I came home, it was a disaster- poopy papers, peepee papers all shredded together. He was about 6 months old. As I cleaned up his mess, I had a conversation with him. "Finn, you are a big boy now. You really should be able to start waiting till I get home before you go potty. This messy stuff is getting old. And it's stinky. And you are stinky." He sat there and listened to me.

    He never has had an accident since that day in the house or in his pen.
    Home of:

    Forrest CGC- Lab 2001-2011
    Poopy-Toby-JRT 2004-
    Finn- Lab/Aussie- 2011-
    And 30-some Miniature Horses...

    He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his leader, his love. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. Unknown

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. We ended up sectioning off a little play area for him in our storage room. It's around 8ft x 8ft.
    Made him a bed and threw some toys in. That should work for now.

    I've got a new 7.5ft x 13ft long chain link Kennel for outside.
    What is everyone's feelings on putting him in it during the day in the shade with some food, water and bedding and toys?

    Here is a picture of him.

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