Bentley did great tonight!
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Thread: Bentley did great tonight!

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    DefaultBentley did great tonight!

    I had him in the kitchen/living room(he kept jumping the crate I had blocking off the doorway). I had him in the living room since people had to walk through the kitchen into the bathroom. So I just gave up and let him come and greet everyone. He was tail wagging the whole time and bringing people toys,lol. I finally decided to take him outside with everyone. He was doing great. So i un-clipped his leash. He ran around begging for food and dropping sticks at peoples feet to . Also, my cousin found a puppy in a really dirty shed and asked the owners if he could take him. Well this is the cousin that gets a dog, gets rid of a dog. So they brought him and right away asked if I wanted him. Bentley did awesome with him, Tank was loving him and Mae gave a warning growl once and then was fine with him. Him and the ferret even played(supervised of course). It was hard to say no but in the end I said no. I think a different cousin is taking him though. Bentley really surprised me because he was play bowing the whole time and running around with the puppy. The puppy is a blue tick/beagle mix and very underweight(only fed scraps occasionally is what I was told) and it was funny seeing him trying to run around and keep up with Bentley.He would also fall asleep in your lap as soon as he was in it,lol. oh and how old does he look to you guys? I am saying no more than nine weeks but am not sure, he is the size of a yorkie. It was hard to say no but I knew it was the right thing to do. I am going to college in a few years, my dogs need my full attention, Bentley is needing more training, and the money issue. My dad couldn't handle another dog either and truthfully I couldn't either. So anyway, currently I am waiting for a friend to come, watching some stupid snake show and gave the dogs a bone to keep them busy so that is why I am writing this,lol

    Oh and I will never leave you guys without pictures of the puppy,lol. I didn't get any of bentley interacting with people since I was wanting to focus on him. I have a friend that could not come till later so that is why i was working with him.

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    He is so cute. Glad he is doing so well. He does sound like a friendly little guy

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