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    DefaultFunny story from the rescue center

    The dog rescue center where my daughter and I volunteer got a new dog last week. He is VERY large and listed as a lab but I think there is some Blood hound or Mastiff in there because he is so large, red and has drooping eyes. I will try to post a picture sometime to see what everyone thinks he is mixed with.
    Anyway, they put him out in one of the fenced in areas by himself to romp around. In the adjacent fenced area was a fat little beagle who barks the ENTIRE time he is outside and drives everyone nuts. So the rescue staff was inside eating lunch and suddenly the beagle stopped barking, which never happens. They all went out to see what was going on and found the new lab had climbed the fence into the beagle's dog run. The dogs got along fine... but that beagle must have thought he was in BIG trouble for barking when the huge red dog started over the fence to get him It shut him up quick.

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    Cute! Maybe the lab had a "discussion" about the barking situation with the beagle! LOL!

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    Would have loved to hear the conversation between those two. Wonder of the beagle will keep up the barking. Would love to see pics of the new dog.

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    Cute. Would loved to that on video.

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    Maybe the poor beag just wanted a companion and Big Red was the only one who knew what was needed.
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