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    DefaultFirst time in 5-6 years that...

    My dad actually walked Tank and Tank listened to him!!! We have started these new family nights where we all are home and do things together and at night we take walks. We take the dogs of course. Well tonight the dogs were all excited and ready to go. I was having trouble controlling both dogs(they were getting tangled). My dad took Tank's leash and told him to heel and to our surprise he did!! I thought my dad would give him back when the dogs calmed down but he didn't! I didn't say anything though. My dad isn't really dog savy and just puts up with them. but I think he is coming around. When Tank got injured a few years ago my dad made a sling for Tank and would take him out to potty. Then when bentley had his paw injury last year, allowed him to lay on the bed. He lets Mae sleep on his and my moms bed,also. So anyway...YAY!!! He still rolled his eyes though when my mom told him she plans on getting a Great dane in a few years(she has wanted one forever). I just laughed because I know my mom will be able to get one and he will end up loving it!
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    Glad to hear that he's coming around.


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    Sounds like he would rather be thought of as a tough guy but he has a soft heart!!
    I think the family walks are awesome!!!

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    That is great. Family time is very special.

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