Lucy tore her nail!! Please help!
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Thread: Lucy tore her nail!! Please help!

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    DefaultLucy tore her nail!! Please help!

    Lucy tore her nail a little over a week ago, it was torn almost to the skin and was bleeding. This happened at my parents house, so my mom took her to the vet this past Monday and they cut her nail down. For the past 2 days she has not been able to walk on her leg and is sleeping all day. I was at my sister's house this weekend and was giving her some pain pills the vet gave to her dog, tramadol 50mg (I'm pretty sure this was the strength). It didn't seem to help her too much, but she has been sleeping non stop for the past 2-3 days. She is not hungry and this is VERY unusual for her. She is also not drinking water. She has been asleep on the couch all day and I tried to give her some water a few minutes ago but she is refusing to drink any. I am really worried about her and am afraid the toe may be getting infected. I can tell it is swollen and it is really hurting her. It's all she can do to walk accross the room. I guess I am going to call our vet tomorrow but I don't know what to do for her tonight about the pain. Is there anything I can give her? Benadryl is just going to make her sleep more and I don't know if it would help with the pain...I am also afraid she is depressed b/c of all the sleeping but maybe it's just because she doesn't feel good...please help if you have any advice! Thanks!

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    *points to her right palm*


    Don't do anything for her tonight, but get her into the vet first thing in the morning. Benedryl does not help pain. Dogs are dumb. They need the pain sometimes so they rest. If they feel no pain, they sometimes will do too much and it makes it worse.

    I'm guessing she might have an infection in the nailbed, but I'm not a vet. Good luck.


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    Poor Lucy! I don't know of anything you can give them from your medicine cabinet that would be safe to cut down on her pain. Get her to the vet asap in the a.m. as I'm sure you plan to, let us know how she is afterward. Also, you can give her some ice cubes, even if all she does is lick on them it will help keep her hydrated.
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    The Tramadol will make her sleepy, it is for pain. I'd wait and see the vet in the morning. They may start her on an antibiotic if it's infected.

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