the problem starts now.
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Thread: the problem starts now.

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    Defaultthe problem starts now.

    Neighbors and drunk people are starting to let off fireworks, how fun, right!? NOT!! tank is terrified of them. So because of last year Tank is not allowed outside in his run unsupervised to sun bathe at all and on a leash while outside after 5 pm. I feel bad but it is for his safety. Someone let off bottle rockets earlier and all the windows in the house are off-course open. When he heard them he jumped off the couch and tried to fit under my parents bed. I told him to kennel and put a blanket over his crate to help calm him down. he is find now.

    I hate firework season.
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    We've been having the same problem. The neighborhood kids modify fireworks to make them really loud! Sophie freaks and hides. She was hid for an hour last night. I hate firework season too...

    Sophie DOB 04/13/2011 6 mo

    8.5 mo.

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    The idiots setting off fire works randomly piss me off to no end because of how scary it is for Emma. I have called the police on more than one drunken idiot that does this not only for Emma but for their own drunken/stupid sake. It is illegal and as dry as it is in so many areas it is down right dangerous. Actually it can be dangerous even when there are not drought conditions. It is not uncommon for homes/roofs to catch on fire when idiots set them off or for the idiot to hurt themself. I hope Tank is feeling better! We had really bad thunderstorms last night and Emma spent 2 hours hiding in my closet, finally her medication kicked in and she actually crawled up on my bed and slept there until Chris got home from work at 3 AM. Poor thing - her and Tank would make a good pair!
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    Our first July with Hamilton, wondering how he will be
    Hamilton, Rescued October 4, 2011 at the age of four, background unknown. Hamilton is extremely lovable!!!!

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    I'm lucky none of mine are bothered by fireworks, though I had dogs in the past who were terrified every 4th. I have a problem with all the fireworks debris left on the lawns the following day. So afraid the dogs will pick up something bad.

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    Yup, I know exactly what you mean. This time of year is really hard. I hope everyone stays safe!

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