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    Wondering if I should be worried? Was petting/cuddling Dio tonight and I found a lump on his cheek. It was sticky, so I thought that maybe it was gum. Started to clean it and I found a small hole! He must have pierced his cheek with a stick or something. I doubt that it was from daycare yesterday, since I didn't feel it then... Should I be worried? He's never been hurt before, so this is new to me.

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    When you say "a small hole" do you mean it goes all the way through from inside his mouth to outside his cheek?!? If that's the case I would definitely recommend a vet visit. If it's just a relatively small surface wound and it looks clean, then he should be OK if you just keep it clean.


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    You said lump, then hole. Is it a lump or hole? My reaction to a hole, would be to keep it clean and watch it. A lump? Just a little swelling from the wound, if that is what it is, or infection? If infection, a vet visit wouldn't be a bad idea, but you could try cleaning and applying antiseptic. Or could this be a growth that has ruptured? Go see a vet.
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