Journey and Flint had their first bath today!
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Thread: Journey and Flint had their first bath today!

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    DefaultJourney and Flint had their first bath today!

    I am not sure they were impressed with the process. They had a mud hole party in their outdoor run yesterday, and we're quite the mess (as was my kitchen floor and carpets after they ran through the house)! Since part of my kennel job is to bathe dogs, I have gained a new appreciation for dogs that are comfortable with the process. So, I took them in and have them an official groomer style bath and blow.

    Both eventually like the bath and massage, but the blower was another story. I got to the base of the base of the neck and that was about all they were going to stand for without a major freakout. Rather than totally stressing them out, I figure on doing this more often if for no other reason than the exposure to all the new sensations.......forgoing the actual shampooing and onditioning next time!

    So it was quite the morning for them, but all in all they coped pretty well for never even been hosed off yet!

    Karen and the gang
    BBI Kodi's Journey To Anotch (Journey)
    BBI Kodi's Blackpowder Striker (Flint)

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    Lol, mud hole party I love their names!

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