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Thread: Best place to order dog supplies

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    DefaultBest place to order dog supplies

    I am looking to place an order for some new toys and kongs for Remington. I have ordered from previously, but just wondered where all of you get most of your supplies. Thanks a bunch!


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    I usually buy toys locally- most of them from the same place I buy dog food. The same with Kongs. Even tho I post on their forum, I'm not crazy about when it comes to buying stuff. They're shipping charges are out rageous. I've bought dog supplies on line from Pet Edge Wholesale Pet Supplies, Dog Grooming |, Drs Foster & Smith The pet supply website you're looking for has moved , Jeffers Jeffers - Pet Supplies, Equine Supplies, Livestock Supplies and Valley Vet , depending on what I was looking for. Cherrybrook, too, although I just run down to their store if I need anything Show Dog, Grooming and Pet Supplies - Cherrybrook.

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    I ordered from gun dog supply recently and was very satisfied. Got a whistle, lanyard and some lucky dog bumpers. I think I ordered Wednesday and got them (Maine) on Friday.

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    I mostly order from Drs. Foster and Smith also but I dont buy him that many toys too often. I also have bought some from which has very good prices too. I find PetSmart or PetCo dont always seem to have a great selection, so I mostly order mine online from those 2 sites.
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    I go to privately owned local shops. They tend to have the more knowledgable staff and stock quality and good toys and foods and treats. I also do Global and Pet Value which are chains but tend to have better stuff as well (though our local pet value lots their most knowledgeable staff which makes me mad, the new staff is super friendly but clueless about products and dogs). I go to petsmart occasionally for certain things but would never ask the staff there a question. Now, I am sure there IS the odd staff there (and trainer) that is excellent but that isn't what I normally get!
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