recovery from neuter surgery?
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Thread: recovery from neuter surgery?

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    Defaultrecovery from neuter surgery?

    any special stuff have to be done? leashed potty breaks? crate time? how long is recovery?
    jayson gets neutered on Thursday.



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    the vet should (hopefully) go over this. recovery is 7-10 days, generally wait until stitches are out to let him "play". If he goes crazy outside yes potty breaks would then be on leash at least for 3-5 days.

    make sure to have a cone. Keep an eye on him and if he licks at the stitches use the cone. I generally don't use it when I right there with them (nor when we are out on a leashed walk as I am there to see them and at arms length) but use the cone when I am very busy and not supervising and when I am not home. SOME dogs never need a cone but I've had a few bad experiences so I tend to be cautious.
    Charlie (foster) and Rocky

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    Our boys never needed the cone. Our vet also uses dissolvable stitches and glue on the outside. I gave it 2 weeks on the last neuter and crating when I wasn't around.

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