Bentley is no where Near ready!!! I need to do lots of practice,lol. I didn't go to class last week but thankfully it was only recall and he has that down. He had to do figure eights and he hugs the buckets we have to go around but that should be okay. The fair isn't for a while, I think later in June(?) I have no idea,lol. I forgot to get invitations after class tonight, forgot to put my name tag up AND forgot to ask the instructor a ? about putting Bentley in a heel on recall. Gah I forgot everything. Oh well I will grab them next week. Now to get ready for Grad. day in 2 weeks and FINALS for school!!!! There is also some not so good family things going on right now so my mind is going every where. I think this weekend calls for me and the dogs on the trails to clear my head!!