put your dog on a leash,please!
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Thread: put your dog on a leash,please!

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    Defaultput your dog on a leash,please!

    There is someone down the road that owns a St.Bernard. The owner never leashes his dog. On a walk he is even un-leashed. The leash law in my town is this "If the dog is off of your property it is to be leashed at all times" P There is a big empty spot at the park that my dogs are allowed to run and so are others but that is because we asked the town board people if we could. Plus one of the main people on the board is my neighbor and loves my dogs This guy that owns his St.Bernard just walks his dog all around town with no leash. Tank HATES this dog and I mean hates. The dog got into my yard last year and there was a small fight but I was able to get Tank back to me. Well today I was walking Tank, on a leash, and the guy is walking his dog also,without a leash. he KNOWS Tank hates his dog and they WILL fight. The dog(and owners) saw me before I saw him and he came running towards us(so i didnt have any time to turn around since he would have followed us). I don't know why the owner didn't hold his dogs collar when he saw us. Off course Tank starts his little barking fit(he is leash reactive anyway) and I try to control him but it is kind of hard when you have a 140+ pound dog charging you and a 80lb dog that is mostly muscle dragging you. So I hold Tank by his collar(I know probably not a smart move) and I start yelling and kicking rocks at the dog. Someone was outside doing yard work and came running(they know me and Tank and have had problems with the same dog and their dog) and he gets the dog and walks him back to his owner. I thanked the person and turned around and walked Tank back home. I told my mom about it and said she is reporting him to the town this time. My neighbor called the AC on him and he just got a warning. Then another person called because the dog was off-leash and came running to them also and he just got another warning. The dog is not dog aggressive but my dog is(to certain dogs and of course this dog is a un-altered male) and there are other dogs around where this guy lives that is dog aggressive also. You would think the owner would learn after his dog and my dog getting into a fight but No!!!

    Sorry for the rant but it just bugs the crap out of me. When I know someone is walking past my house and my dogs are out I call them to me and put a leash on them till the people pass, and if we are on a walk and since my dog is dog reactive I will turn him around and walk the other way for my safety and they other dogs/owners safety. Why cant other people be that nice or at-least leash there dog when they see another one coming.

    Sorry if i have wrote about this dog before but it is really getting on my nerves...

    -end of rant-
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    You are definitely in the right and the other guy is a real jerk and needs to be spoken with by the police or AC; no question about it. Just do what you have to do. The guy is either stupid or ignorant or just playing with you.

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