I think Bentley knows
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    DefaultI think Bentley knows

    I am babysitting my cousin tonight,Zayden,. he is Bentleys favorite little kid(even above my brothers and sisters I think,lol). I dragged out the toy box today, picked up all the things zayden could get to and brake, and got out more little kid things. When I do this in the morning he knows Zayden is coming!! He got so excited and started wagging his whole butt and went and got his tennis ball. I said no fetch till Zayden gets here. Well that made him more excited,haha. Zayden will throw the ball for hours on end for Bentley(I dont know if Bentley understood but I think he heard Zayden and new). Since Zayden will be here that means he gets to go to the park also. Every time we leave, Zayden wants to take Bentley. Zayden has two dogs at home,Ginger and Charlie, but they arn't very well leash trained(pull, leash reactive(which Tank is too but i mean every little thing they pull too) ect..) so he loves walking Bentley. Bentley usually gets the whole leash but will stay in a heel the whole time Zayden is walking him. Little turd dont do that for me!

    I just thought I would make this post because it I just love how observant our dogs can be!
    ~It doesn't matter how smart the dog is,it matters how smart the owner is.

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    Yes they are observant. They pick up on the slightest things. And they all seem to love little children. Sometimes I think that every Lab should have a kid and every kid should have a Lab.

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