Jenica is home - TPLO surgery
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Thread: Jenica is home - TPLO surgery

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    DefaultJenica is home - TPLO surgery

    Jenica was released this afternoon and is now back home resting and recovering. Her leg is quite swollen and bruised and we have the recovery period in front of us, which sounds as if it will keep us busy. Does anyone who has been through this have any tips on how best to get through the recovery, would you recommend physical therapy at 2 weeks post-op? Any comments and tips would be appreciated.

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    No advice from here just lots of good thoughts

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    Yay! Glad to hear she made it through the surgery and is home again.

    Rukus just had a TTA done on his right knee March 8th and will have his final 8 week post op check up in 1 week.

    We started doing physical therapy the day his cast was removed (surgery was on a Thursday, cast was removed that Monday). Nothing crazy, just some gentle stretching of the joint. If you want, I'd be happy to scan a copy of our rehab instructions and send them to you. PM me if interested.

    I was also referred to the orthodog website by Java's mom (orthodogs : Discussion of canine orthopedic issues), and that has been really helpful. The majority of the dogs over there are dealing with CCL injuries and the recoveries. The people are really good at answering questions and sharing any info they may have.

    My advice would be to take it slow, work on the physical therapy, and let Jenica guide you (they'll let you know when they're being pushed too hard). This weekend just take it easy and provide comfort. Make sure to have your vet's number handy as you'll likely come up with questions you need to ask about. And a glass of wine now and again (for you, not her) isn't a bad idea!

    Good luck!!!

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    Glad she is home Good healing thoughts.

    Ii agree with the Ortho group. Lots of info there and very helpful.

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    No advice. Just sending good thoughts for a good recovery.

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