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    Defaultwalking in the rain

    Am I the only one with a lab who hates to get wet? Hamilton absolutely refuses to go outside in the rain and IF we do get him out, he refuses to move. Last weekend it rained all day Sunday and not only did Hammie refuse to go outside but he held his pee until Monday morning when it stopped raining.
    Hamilton, Rescued October 4, 2011 at the age of four, background unknown. Hamilton is extremely lovable!!!!

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    Probably you have the only one LOL... mine love to get wet in the rain.

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    Nope! Not the only one, I've got one here too! He's not as bad as yours, he won't refuse to go out or move. Diesel doesn't seem to mind water - he just HATES when it drips in his face. Our rain walks take twice as long because with every step he swipes at his face with his paws or even better - dives face first into the grass & "swims" his face through it. Then when we get home before I can even get my hands on his towel to dry him off (I always do his face first!) he starts rubbing his face all over the walls. Goober!

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