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    DefaultSorry the Scan is so Poor Quality

    We framed the DU Memorial certificate for Cappy with a pic from his last season holding a fairly rare Ross' goose that we were lucky enough to get one day ... it was banded.

    This morning I was mowing the lawn and saw a last patch of purple clover still standing. Got Carol's attention to go take a pic of Rusty there in the blooms. They will be gone for the year in a few more days.

    Of course, Rusty got distracted when "somebody" drove by on the mower. He is still upset that I won't let him ride on it with me.

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    What a great frame idea!! You have a wonderfully large dog run....not to mention the beautiful clover!
    I love simple things like that. We have plum thickets here and when they are in bloom the perfumed air is just incredible!!

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    The frame and picture is beautiful. Rusty's not too bad looking either


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