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    Found a tick on my 5 month old lab. He's yellow so thankfully they are easy to spot. My dilemma though is he sleeps in bed with us (he's a *little* attached to me!) and now I'm thinking this is a bad idea going into the summer. How much of a nightmare will it be to go back to putting him in his crate at night? He has a bed in our room too but he waits till we are asleep and then jumps in our bed...smart little guy ;-)

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    You could start by crating him in your room and see how it goes. If you still use the crate at other times then it shouldn't be too bad. I found a tick on my bed the other day! Yuck!!! And no one sleeps with us but my old girl sleeps on my bed during the day. I'm just impressed that at almost 14 she can still get up there!!
    Jen and the crew!

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    I have found ticks in my bed in years past. Nellie still sleeps in my bed when she wants to. She is thoroughly checked after going in the woods.
    Nellie, CGC
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