Dare we try it again?
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Thread: Dare we try it again?

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    DefaultDare we try it again?

    After Emilu got her RAE title, we quit showing. She did well enough in Rally (well enough to place in almost all of the 30 shows she was in ),and she did pretty well in Novice Obedience, titling in 3 shows, but we failed miserably in Open - 9 shows, one miserable Q, and then just dreadful - dreadful lagging, and while she knew everything that she had to do, it was like I beat her before we entered the ring. I didn't see this improving, so we retired and I got Baxter. Well, Baxter won't be ready to show for a while, and I miss showing. I've started training Emilu again, thinking we might just start after our RAE2, for something to do.But she is so excited to be training again, that I am thinking of trying Open. Even though we haven't trained at all regularly, she remembers everything and since she has lost 10 lbs, she has so much more spring to her step, even though she is almost 9 years old. I think it would be so cool for her to get her CDX when she was 9. What do you think? Should we go for it one more time?

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    If she is enjoying it...I would do it. Better to do it than to wonder & have regrets later that you didn't. Good luck.

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