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Thread: It's been a very long time

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    DefaultIt's been a very long time

    I can't remember how long it's actually been since I have been able to get on Lab Chat. I remember writing when my Kassie passed and that was a year ago in March. So then I was down to 3 labs. Molly, Harley and Murphy. Molly passed in November. Then I got Madison. I now have Harley, Murphy and Madison. They are 3, 2 and 1. Things only settled down for a bit. My mother got sick. She just passed away last week. My stepfather had open heart surgery 2 weeks ago and I have had their black lab for a month now. Her name is Magic and she is almost 14. It has been a juggling act trying to keep the younger dogs from knocking her off her feet when they are being their crazy selves in the yard. We have finally worked it all out. I'm not exactly sure how long Magic will be here......maybe forever if things don't go well. I feel good about her and I love her. She wasn't in the best shape when I got her but after a few vet visits and antibiotics, glucosamine, and aspirin twice a day she is doing very well. I also think the younger dogs have given her new life. I walked her this morning and she was able to walk much farther than she did 6 months ago when I took care of her. That made my day. So at the moment I have all 3 color labs. Harley and Madison are yellow, Murphy chocolate and Magic black. I am known as the lab lady in my neighborhood. Believe me they are keeping me busy but I guess that is what I need now. This week Madison goes back to class after being in season and Harley and Murphy go back to rally class. They will be happy to get back to their routine also. I'm glad to be back and looking forward to learning lots more. I really do learn a lot from reading all the threads and thank you all for that.

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    Hi, I don't really remember you but I am sorry for your losses. Post pics of your Labs when you can

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    I'm sorry for your loss. Glad your back, though. Hopefully, you'll get us some pictures soon.

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    I'm sorry for your losses. Welcome back.

    Titan--Chocolate 4/15/01
    Moses--Yellow 10/12/09

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    right here


    Glad you're back! Sorry to hear about Molly passing and also your mother. That is never easy. I hope your stepdad recovers, you sure have a lot on your plate right now.

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