Lab seems to overheat very quickly
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Thread: Lab seems to overheat very quickly

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    DefaultLab seems to overheat very quickly

    I have a 5 yo chocolate named Meadow. I noticed this odd behavior/symptom towards the end of last summer for the first time. It seems she only does it when it's around 80 degrees or above so I'm fairly certain it's heat related, but we'll start walking down the street and about 10 minutes into our walk, she becomes disoriented, stops listening and starts to wander off walking sideways (this is a very obedient dog that normally heals without a leash). She's even fallen before. Obviously I stopped and rested with her and she is acting very strange. She wants to keep going and doesn't really understand why we're stopping. Once we get back home and cooled off she is fine and normal. This happens all the time.

    It seems she overheats very quickly, even in only moderately warm temperatures. I might expect this if we were running hard for an hour in the heat of the day, but not in 80 degree weather at 7pm. I'm concerned there might be something else wrong that is making her very susceptible to the heat. Does anyone know of anything that might be causing this?


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    I would have this dog into the vet. I would try to induce the symptoms outside the vets office just before the appointment and let the vet see it. If that is not practical, try taking a video of the behavior and take that in with you. That is what I did a couple weeks ago when HK hurt her leg. I wanted the vet to be able to see the three legges walk, and severe limp in case it healed itself before we got there.
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    I would be worried about that behavior and ask a vet. Why not walk Meadow first thing in the morning when it's cooler?

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    Definitely needs a trip to the vet. Ed gave some very good suggestions. The vet needs to see what's happening.

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    yup, a trip to the vet is in order.

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