She has a great game face atleast
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Thread: She has a great game face atleast

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    DefaultShe has a great game face atleast

    Here at home, the way my neighborhood is set up, I actually have a church parking lot and building right behind me. They often have county prisoners there doing heavy landscape work, or clean up work, or whatever. The church has arraigned a contract for them to be there to do the work.
    Now, not that having prisoners right behind the house, with armed guard standing watch over them, worries me all that much, and there has never been a problem from them, but still, subconciously I am always suspicious of them. I have "dog on premises" signs all over the dividing fence and by all the gates. If you are near my house, you know there is a dog in there.
    My dog, Jasmine, is always aware of everything around the house. She keeps close watch of her person and property, and as threatening as a 3 foot tall, 110lb dog can be to some people, she has a more ferocious look than personality. If someone made it inside, they might be licked to death, but that's about the worse she would do, UNLESS someone tries to come after me, then she might do some damage. I had a good friend come over last year and playfully grab me in a choke hold, and she took stance and growled like I had never seen her do before. When I called her off, she walked up to give both of us kisses. She has the capability if needed, but she keeps it well hidden.
    If you want to take the TV, that's fine with her, but if you want to hurt her human, you are in trouble.

    Today the prisoners were cleaning up the church property. I was in the fenced in back yard with Jaz doing yard work, and playing ball with her. I had to go to the garage up front to get a tool, so my blonde shadow was right next to me the entire way. She has made her presence know to the prisoners in the past. and I've heard comments from them about "the dog". As we walked out the side gate, a group of prisoners working on the dividing hill froze solid instantly, and I heard them say :

    Prisoner 1 - "DA*N that's a big dog !"
    Prisoner 2 - "I ain't f***in' with no dog man !"
    Prisoner 3 - "he wasn't kidding with those dog on premises signs !!"

    Jaz stopped for a second just to survey the situation, and then turned right back to staring at me holding her ball.
    I just said to her "let's go, out front." She bolted around the far corner of the house that lead her to the driveway where I found her waiting for me when I got there. I guess the realization factor of what the dog behind the fence was, put a bit of fear into them. I don't know what they were expecting, but I guess it wasn't Jazmoose the Destroyer.
    My big clutz is an awesome home protection system. I have 24 hour monitoring by a mobile response unit for the low monthly monitoring rate of a bag of kibble and a few bones. I love my dog so much for so many reasons, but the comic relief she brings to life is an AWESOME addition !
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    Good girl, Jasmine. No need to tell anyone she would just lick them to death. A little fear is good.

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