Ain't it good to be back home again!
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Thread: Ain't it good to be back home again!

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    DefaultAin't it good to be back home again!

    We are home safe and sound after driving pretty much straight through from Vegas to Missouri. We stopped and slept for two hours in the car. Bella did such a fantastic job with traveling that distance. We are so proud of her, she was great on her potty breaks despite all the distractions around her and even though the time changed, her tummy adjusted just fine as I think Bella adjusts her inner clock as well.
    It is beautiful here in the Ozarks and our lawn is covered in leaves which Bella delights in. She went nuts in our backyard, she must have run for about 20 minutes straight. I don't think one leaf was left unscathed from her demolition mode! She was such a joy to watch.
    Well it's good to be back on here and so great to be back home again. Thanks for all the prayers, the weather was perfect for driving which is a miracle this time of the year in our neck of the woods!

    Going to relax now and get comfy for the night with our sweet girl!
    Sweet Bella Mia at Zion National Park.

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    So glad you had a safe trip! Enjoy home!!

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