Toys for my "toy terminating" Lab...suggestions?
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Thread: Toys for my "toy terminating" Lab...suggestions?

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    DefaultToys for my "toy terminating" Lab...suggestions?

    My 8 month old 75 lb English Lab has mowed her way through all her toys. She has even destroyed her Kongs. Is there a chew toy/throw toy that we can get for her that will withstand her extremely strong chewing? She leaves our furniture alone, thank goodness, she is a good girl that way.
    But she seems to need and enjoy the chewing. I thought I recalled reading on this forum someone describing a toy that, if a dog chews through to the red, it has a replacement guarantee. This sounds like Luna's kind of toy!


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    there is probably no toy that she won't be able to chew. You can try antlers (get a big one in this case!) but even those a persistent chewer can get thru.

    try stuffing the kong with something (use a black kong) and don't let her keep the toy once she has finished cleaning the inside.
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    I have a destructo-dog myself! Sophie can destroy a toy in minutes. Even the ones that say they are for extreme chewers! She makes it her job to seek and destroy the squeekers in the toys! The middle picture I have here is of a doggy tennis ball that was destroyed in about 3 minutes! I bought an off brand black rubber bone the other day that has lasted, but she only chews it once in awhile. Good luck, I haven't found anything she can't destroy as yet. I have been getting Dollar Tree toys, and just letting her have at it! She sure enjoys destuffing a toy!

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    My guy can chew through anything that's not solid and even then it has to be tough. He loves the Dental Dinosaur's and it takes him a while to wear those down to a size that I'm not comfortable with.

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    A friend of mine got the puppies one of those dental dinos and it has lasted pretty well. One of my boarding dogs is a power chewer, and destroys black kongs quickly. I still have not found one that she can not destroy.

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